Current Undergraduates

Current Undergrads

image of Will in scuba gear

Will Ellis

Will has worked in the lab for several years on various projects. Presently his work addresses the joint effects of climate change and parasitism on host consumption

Elianna Fox

Elianna Fox

Elianna is a third-year student pursuing a career in Marine Biology. Since growing up in Hawai’i, she has always had a fascination with marine life and is excited to expand her knowledge through research in the lab.

image of Kate Moore

Kate Moore

Kate is a third year ecology major interested in aquatic ecosystems, and will be doing field work on Sapelo Island this spring.

Sarah Pina

Sarah Piña

Sarah is a second year Ecology and Ocean Science student interested in marine ecology, environmental justice, and ethnobotany. She is currently working on projects involving water access on the southeastern coast and oyster parasites. 

image of Kimani Smith

Kimani Smith

Kimani’s work centers on the question of what maintains a species’ range. She uses PCR and DNA sequencing to analyze the genetic variation between populations of the invasive crab, Petrolisthes armatus, along the coast of GA and SC.

image of student Carter Watson

Carter Watson

Carter examines parasite effects on behavior, especially the impact of infection on host movement.