Current Undergraduates

Current Undergrads

Blake Bayer in marine ecology lab

Blake Bayer

Blake began working in the lab his freshman year. He is investigating effects of parasites on oyster filtration.

Sarah Cutts with oyster tank

Sarah Cutts

Sarah is an Ecology major interested in socio-ecological interactions and science communication. Her work focuses on conducting DNA extractions and qPCR to assess disease dynamics in oysters and assisting with spatial analyses to understand how land use change influences oyster reefs using tools in ArcGIS.

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Hanna Demmler

Hanna is an Honors student with broad interests. She has aided projects on vertebrate use of salt marsh habitat and developing parasites as biological indicators.

Elianna Fox

Elianna Fox

Elianna is a third-year student pursuing a career in Marine Biology. Since growing up in Hawai’i, she has always had a fascination with marine life and is excited to expand her knowledge through research in the lab.

Sarah Pina

Sarah Piña

Sarah is a second year Ecology and Ocean Science student interested in marine ecology, environmental justice, and ethnobotany. She is currently working on projects involving water access on the southeastern coast and oyster parasites. 

Henry Traynor portrait

Henry Traynor

Henry is an Honors student in ecology and mathematics, interested in theoretical ecology and ichthyology. He is currently working on modelling invasive species populations.