Megan Tomamichel

University of Minnesota, Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center on the St. Paul campus. Principal investigators include: Peter Sorensen, Paul Venturelli, Ray Newman, and Donn Branstrator. Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station project #41-070, "Identification and Functional Characterization of Sex Pheromones in Cyprind Fish," principal investigator Peter W. Sorensen. And, MAES #41-074, "Trophic and Community Interactionsin Freshwater Systems and Their Significance to Invasive Plant Control," principal investigator Raymond M. Newman.

Megan Tomamichel (PhD)

Megan is interested in host-parasite dynamics in aquatic systems. Her previous work includes modeling the consequences of a microsporidian parasite to a yellow perch population, exploring trophic cascades in freshwater ecosystems, and researching functional genetic mutations in an invasive freshwater plankton. She is co-advised with Richard Hall in the IDEAS program.